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King's Quest: The Complete Collection

For the PlayStation versions each chapter can be purchased separately, with the first one acting as the base game. For the Xbox and PC versions the first chapter is available separately, but the remaining ones are bought through King's Quest: Season Pass. All platforms support the first chapter + season pass as well as this complete collection with five chapters at once, except for the Xbox 360 that does not offer a complete collection.

King's Quest: The Complete Collection

If so, hop on over to Steam to nab Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember for free. It used to cost 6.99/$9.99 on its lonesome. Accordingly, the prices for the Season Pass, which includes the rest of the episodes, and the 'Complete Collection', which will receive an epilogue too, are now both reduced. This season pass/complete collection separation is silly, isn't it? 041b061a72


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