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Status: The final remnants of the monument were removed on June 24, following an order from Gov. Roy Cooper. On June 19, protesters pulled down two statues attached to the monument, hanging one from a light post and dragging the other down the street.

2400x1800 Statues Wallpaper">


The monument, funded by Colonel R.H. Hicks who served in the Civil War, shows a common Confederate soldier standing at attention with the Confederate battle flag at his side. There were two other soldier statues part of the monument, but two were stolen in the 1970s and two more were removed and stored for safekeeping, according to the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources. Restorations of the monument took place in 1976 and 2012. Rocky Mount mayor Sandy Roberson said the monument will be stored in a warehouse and will likely end up on a private property. 041b061a72


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