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Camedia Master Pro Full Version

I also lost my master disc for camedia master but have now found. When it was lost I emailed olympus for help and they were useless. Two different answers from the guy in relations. I guess they want everyone to buy another brand from now on.

Camedia Master Pro Full Version

i found a site that let me download the camedia master 4.2 program with the drivers so i could get my olympus camera to download. if anyone is interested....go to Olympus Digital Camera Download - Download Software.i typed that in the adress and it took me to Olympus

i am now 43, at 14, iwas almost killed by an articulate lorry and had to learn to walk again, in june & july 2001, i survived 2 strokes and had to learn yat again, how to walk, also how to talk and understand.i am not yet 100% fit, however, even though i explained to OLYMPUS UK all of the above and that i bought a D395 C-160 digital camera off the internet and that the cd was scratched and so i threw it away, PLEASE could they send me a new one.they told me to hold the line.I DID FOR 35 MINUTES AND THEN IT WENT DEAD, GGGRRRrrrrr !!!!!!!OLYMPUS OLYMPUS WE LOVE YOU (NOT !!!!).can anyone let me know how to get a camedia master version software disc ?, if you have one, please let me download it and send it back to you, so i can put my pics onto a disc for my kids to keep after i have my 3rd and final stroke, which if it were left to OLYMPUS, would have already been addy is:- [email protected]thanks, peter xxx.

I have camedia master 2.5 for use with C-100/D-370 camera's in zip format here: This is asuming you have acroreader and a zip utility. I will leave this file here for 3 months or so. If you download then be sure to share with others who need it.

Title: transfer Camedia Master software from one computer to another Weblog: Camera Hacker Excerpt: hi I can anyone tell me if its possible to copy the camedia master 4.1 on a USB and load on another computer? I lost my disc and need the software on another computer, however i have it on my desktop Tracked: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 18:09:38 +0000


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