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How To Buy Smartcash !!INSTALL!!

This documentation describes the commands as if they wereentered in the SmartCash NodeClient GUI by opening the console from Help > Debugconsole, but the same result can be achieved on a smartnode byentering the same commands and adding the prefixsmartcash-cli to each command.

how to buy smartcash

SmartCash NodeClient is the software behind both the SmartCash NodeClient GUI wallet and SmartCashsmartnodes. If not displaying a GUI, it runs as a daemon on your VPS(smartcashd), controlled by a simple command interface (smartcash-cli).

You will see a message reading smartcashd not synced with network! Awaitingfull sync before running Sentinel. We now need to wait for 15 confirmations of the collateraltransaction to complete, and wait for the blockchain to finishsynchronizing on the smartnode. You can use the following commands tomonitor progress: 041b061a72


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