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Where To Buy Ansell Gloves !LINK!

One of the best known and relied-upon glove manufacturers in the country, Ansell supply a variety of disposable and reusable gloves, suitable for a range of applications in the healthcare and construction industries. Popular amongst construction workers, food manufacturers, and healthcare professionals, Ansell gloves offer a range of hand protection solutions against a huge variety of hazards. If you have any questions about any of the gloves featured, please contact our customer service team on 020 7501 1104.

where to buy ansell gloves

More and more, hospitals are moving to 100% non-latex gloves in their move to eliminate the risk of latex glove allergy. Despite the use of non-latex surgical gloves, Type IV or chemical allergies and sensitivities causing skin-related reactions are on the rise. This is why it is important you Know the DIFFERENCE between glove allergies and the innovations in non-latex surgical gloves that you should consider when seeking protection and comfort.

Ansell's proprietary non-latex formulations and technologies are delivering on a new generation of non-latex gloves setting a whole new standard of comfort and durability while offering advanced allergy protection. How are we different? LEARN MORE

From factories and body shops, to dental offices, laboratories and ambulances, MICROFLEX gloves have exceeded the expectations of single use glove wearers for more than 30 years. The global leader in high quality disposable work gloves, MICROFLEX is synonymous with cutting-edge innovation, consistently reliable quality, and superior performance.

With its vast portfolio of industrial and medical exam gloves in different colors, textures, thicknesses, lengths and polymers, MICROFLEX has a single use solution for virtually every task or environment. Its range includes disposable work gloves that provide incredible tactile sensitivity, outstanding wet grip, superior chemical resistance, or durable protection for demanding jobs. Examples of breakthrough MICROFLEX glove solutions include MICROFLEX 93-260, the world's thinnest chemical resistant disposable glove and MICROFLEX XCEED, the first exam glove to be certified for its ability to provide ergonomic benefits. Whatever the task, and whatever the environment, customers around the world can rely on advanced MICROFLEX disposable hand protection solutions to go beyond protection to improve worker comfort, performance and productivity.

Proven to resist both fentanyl and gastric acid, Microflex MidKnight XTRA gloves are designed to offer real world protection to those on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. These comfortable gloves are fully textured with an extended cuff for durable, expanded protection. And their unique, black color makes it easier than ever to detect potentially hazardous residue. Learn More

Hear why scientists at Signa, a manufacturer of high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, rely on MICROFLEX 93-260 chemical resistant disposable gloves to protect them in their work. Watch Now

1 February 2019 - Ansell Limited (ASX:ANN), a global leader in safety protection solutions, announces the acquisition of Ringers Gloves, a leading provider of specialty impact gloves to oil & gas and general industry segments with headquarters in Houston, Texas for a total consideration of US$70m and subject to usual closing adjustments.

MICRO-TOUCH Central Supply SPD Plus long-sleeve disposable exam gloves are 16 inches / 400 millimeters long, for extended protection against 10 of the most common chemicals used in hospital central supply or sterilize processing departments. Their robust 9 mil thickness provides extra protection against rips, tears and punctures. Because they are disposable, wearers can minimize the risk of cross-contamination associated with re-useable gloves. They also offer cost savings when compared to purchases of both hand protection and sleeves.

Microflex Blaze disposable gloves are robust, high viz orange nitrile exam gloves that protect hands in demanding environments. Their high visibility orange color makes it easy to see when workers are wearing their gloves, so you can be sure they're well protected. Microflex Blaze gloves work exceptionally well in oily environments. With their textured fingers, wearers can confidently grip tools and materials in every situation. These orange nitrile gloves also feature an extended cuff for added protection of the wrist and forearm. And because they're certified by the National Fire Protection Association, Microflex Blaze are among the Ansell PPE and exam gloves for first responders that you can trust to protect your team in emergency situations.

Non-sterile gloves made from a durable and soft nitrile formulation. Provides excellent protection in all risk settings. Textured fingertips provide extra protection for wet or dry grip and against slippage. Manufactured without sulfur-based chemical accelerators, helping to protect users from Type IV chemical allergies.

At this time the company's main business was the production of automobile tyres. The company expanded into other rubber products, including footwear in 1948. In 1967, the company changed its name to Dunlop Australia, and continued to diveIn 1969 Dunlop Australia acquired the Ansell Rubber Company, which had been founded in 1929 (originally as E. N. Ansell & Sons) by Eric Norman Ansell, at the time a worker for Dunlop Rubber Company of Australasia.[5] Ansell started out developing condoms before moving into other areas such as gas masks and weather balloons as well as developing the first mass-produced disposable latex gloves.[6]

Cutaneous pressure threshold was better for skin than for either of the two glove types tested. Deficits in cutaneous pressure threshold could be a risk factor in glove perforation, which has become an area of concern as a number of blood-borne pathogens pose a significant risk to the health of operating surgeons.10 In many different specialities, surgeons have advocated using double gloving techniques to limit the danger posed by glove perforation and blood-borne pathogens.11-13 The safety advantages incurred are offset by presumed disadvantages including reduced manual dexterity and tactile sensation.14 However, these disadvantages have been the subject of much debate with a recent paper by Fry et al.15 failing to show any significant differences in manual dexterity or tactile sensation associated with double gloving. The merits and disadvantages of double gloving were not the focus of the present study. However, the relative risk of single glove perforation with competing surgical gloves requires further study. It is likely that this represents one of the many factors differentiating the alternative gloves in the present study that were not analysed. In addition to cutaneous sensibility and resistance to perforation, other glove characteristics require objective assessment and correlation with surgeon preference, such as grip strength. Such factors are likely to underlie the discrepancy in glove preference seen amongst study subjects despite the lack of a demonstrable difference in the studied outcome measures of cutaneous sensibility or two-point discrimination. 041b061a72


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