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Buy Foam For Bench Cushion

I've searched for cheap upholstery foam for a few different projects including for replacing seat cushion foam, foam for cushions on the couch and more. Today, I'm sharing what I've found when it comes to sourcing cushion foam for headboards, benches, chairs, etc.

buy foam for bench cushion

In the past ten years, I've made-over or built quite a number of things that have required padding foam (kid's room loft, dining room banquette, etc.). When I first started DIYing, I shopped for foam cushions in town at JoAnn's, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby. For some projects, these stores are a great resource for a foam cushion. You can even find them precut! But, for most projects, I've found better luck elsewhere when looking at seat foam options.

As I started researching options for headboards, my DIY Banquette and boy's room loft, it quickly became apparent that those stores didn't have cheap upholstery foam. I wasn't looking for the most inexpensive foam cushion but I needed and wanted a source to go back to when I had DIY projects that needed some nice, high-density foam.

High density upholstery foam has a stronger cell or foam structure. Basically, the higher the density, the longer the foam will last in your home. It doesn't mean that the foam is firmer, it's more about how it's made.

I've bought most of my foam padding at Home Depot. They have a 3 inch pad (ship to store for FREE pickup!) that is 72 inches long by 24 inches wide. Get this... its just over $25! Seriously, that's the best deal ever on cheap upholstery foam!

Honestly, the only negative thing about using this foam for seat cushions, or as a chair cushion foam is that they don't give density ratings. So that is one thing to consider. That being said, I've used it quite a number of times and have had years of use on these projects and have been pleased.

I'll link a few other foam padding options at Home Depot for you. I did just see that they have a new-to-me product, Future Foam 3-inch High Density foam. It looks like it's a thicker cushion foam than the one that I've bought before. Of course, it's much higher in price than their other products, but it might be something to check out if you are looking for foam to use in cushions that you are going to sit on for a few hours each day.

Years ago, Luke and I made a headboard for our main bedroom and instead of using upholstery foam, we used a foam mattress topper. The backstory is that my grandparents were getting rid of a nice foam mattress topper and I thought that by doubling the mattress topper in on itself, it would make a thick upholstery foam for an upholstered headboard.

I have noticed in the past that Target gets a lot of dorm mattress pads in the summer and then clearances them out in the fall. I regularly see them for around $6 at that time, so if you have a few projects you were considering doing and thought that the mattress pads would work instead of buying upholstery foam... definitely check that option out.

I hope this was helpful for you! If you decide that going the DIY route isn't right for you, I do know that upholstery shops carry quite a bit of high density upholstery foam. You could also have them replace your cushion foam for you as well. It wouldn't be as inexpensive but sometimes it's about whatever is going to get the job done, right?

It's no secret that custom upholstery can be really pricey. That's why, when it comes to projects like how to make a bench seat cushion, it's usually worth your time to make your own.

You'll cut your upholstery foam depending on the dimensions of your bench. It's best to take your bench measurements and subtract about an inch on each side to give a little wiggle room on your finished bench cushion.

After nearly three months of researching 17 seat cushions and testing 11 of them, we recommend the Purple Double Seat Cushion because it offers two levels of firmness, stays cool, and holds its shape all day thanks to its unique gel-lattice construction.

This guide is for people who work on a crappy chair and want to feel less discomfort while working at their desk. Poorly designed seats can put unnecessary pressure on your lower back, hips, tailbone (or coccyx), and thighs. According to physical therapist Dr. Akhil Chhatre, when you sit, all of the load of your upper body goes into the buttocks, which is what renders hours spent sitting on something like a wooden chair so uncomfortable. An ergonomic seat cushion may help to relieve some of that pressure by distributing the weight load across the cushion. It can soften an uncomfortably hard seat or firm up a saggy seat. It can prop you up higher if you find your chair is too low to sit comfortably at your desk. Like lumbar support pillows, a seat cushion is a convenient add-on for just about any chair. Most seat cushions are also easily portable, so you could use one elsewhere in your home or in your car.

Keep in mind, too, that adding a seat cushion to your ergonomic setup can throw things off. If a cushion adds 1 to 2 inches of height to your seat, you may need to adjust your desk height or seat height accordingly, or add a footrest beneath your desk.

With these criteria in mind, we bought or obtained 11 samples of seat cushions that ranked highly on Amazon and other e-commerce sites, after assessing their owner reviews for obvious red flags and (when possible) filtering out fake reviews by checking ratings on FakeSpot. After the hard work of sitting on seat cushions and rating them on comfort, size, and quality of the materials, we had our top picks.

The Purple Double Seat Cushion checks all the boxes for a great ergonomic seat cushion: It strikes a balance between softness and firmness, stays cool even after hours of use, has an 18-inch width that provides ample seat coverage, and its cover and gel insert are both washable (though the insert must be washed by hand). The Double is also the only cushion we tested that has a denser grid on one side, so you can choose between two levels of supportiveness.

Because it is thick with just a little give, this cushion might raise you higher than the ergonomically ideal seating position, which would have your feet flat on the ground. You might need to lower your chair (if you can), or use a footrest for proper support. To test how the Purple Double will affect your workplace ergonomics before you buy, try raising your chair 2 inches.

Size might also be an issue depending on the chair you plan on using the cushion with. On typical task chairs with armrests, the Xtreme Comforts cushion might not fit well because of its width. One of our panelists found it too long as well, hanging off the front of their wooden chair a bit. Measuring your chair is the best way to see if this cushion is too big or just right.

At this price, you need to accept some compromises compared with higher-end pillows. We felt warm or even hot after an hour or two of sitting on the cushion because our butts were enveloped in the foam. The zipper on the machine-washable cover frustrated us because it snagged and has a tiny pull tab. And the cover texture, while durable-looking, is a bit rougher than the other cushions we tested.

Given the shortage of consumer-oriented foam recycling options, the best way to deal with unwanted seat cushions may be to repurpose their foam for DIY projects or donate them for reuse, either via a local second-hand store or through classified sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

The Purple Simply Seat Cushion and the Purple Royal Cushion were our previous picks for this guide. We still like both cushions but think that the Double combines the best features of the two: It has the firm support of the thinner Simply (which is 1 inch versus 2 inches) and, on the other side, the softer give of the Royal (which is also 2 inches thick). This adjustability should make it a better fit for more people.

I was planning on reusing a "2 queen topper for indoor upholstery projects (Custom ottoman,headboard,etc) & a "4 King sized for outdoor cushions.Both were both given to Me by (Very O.C.D-clean) Family members that always had covers on their mattress toppers.My petite sized bench on My covered porch wouldn't get direct rain or sun,But I purchased "Never wet" to treat white cotton twill fabric to waterproof it (Ikea slipcover fabric displays with 2yd pieces for $1 each!!) . I was so excited to start to sew these because I figured I would save a small fortune by sewing it Myself,Even though I'm not an experienced seamstress,I can at least sew a straight stitch,(Just like many of You figure that You can do as well,Right?) & I real can't afford the astronomical prices that just about all of the online retailers are charging.In My case,Just one of My outdoor projects, a custom "16x"40 box cushion with piping, starts out at $160 & the patio DIY sofa,loveseat & 4 chairs all in a neutral fabric,Tallies out at more then I paid for My living room sofa!! I have discovered two major problems in reusing the memory foam for outdoor cushions. Water penetrates it,So mold will grow quickly & discolor the fabric,from the inside out. Even if a mesh was used on the underside to promote quick drying,A mold inhibitor needs to be injected into the foam before it's formed. I thought about covering My foam in plastic to prevent moisture getting into the foam in the 1st place,But then the plastic condensates from the heat of any of the UV rays & molds anyways. Then there's the issue of how hard the memory foam gets if temps drop & it's cold or chilly outside. It's harder then sitting on concrete!! In My case,My bench is wrought iron with "support" strips of tubing to sit on & I just wanted a more comfy seat,In a white or warm grey fabric (Prefer white,Just like My indoor sofa) & it seems like 99% of premade outdoor cushions are mimicked after a 1970's sunroom in Florida or Hawaii,with super bright colors & usually huge green palm leaves in the print.I have streamlined modern,in neutral colors so the only way to achieve that tailored look in subtle fabrics,Is to pay big $$ or DIY.But I hate to waste My time,$$ & effort just to have the foam give Me grief because I was being too cheap.I'm going to look on Craigslist for some sort of boating flotation device & use the foam from it.Any chair sized cushions can be glued together to make up the needed length (side by side) with Super 77 spray adhesive & the flotation foam is one of the 5 recommended foam types recommended by on their blog.They're the leader in boat hardware & fabrics,So I'm taking their advice seriously..I hope this helps someone reading this,Even though this thread is a year old when I posted this comment 041b061a72


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