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Destiny Zip

Jason is fighting this gravity when he leaves the 30311 to go work in the 30327. He knows that where he was born can't determine the direction of his life; he has the potential to rise up. However, he also knows that there are far more opportunities to rise up just a couple miles down the road.This is a national emergency, one we need to fix for all of our children. Gravity is no better a burden than destiny. We need a system that multiplies opportunity, not one that rations it.

Destiny zip


Connecticut is one of the most racially, ethnically, and economically segregated states in the country. Our segregated landscape directly contributes to an opportunity gap, which in turn, triggers deep outcome disparities in health, education, unemployment, and incarceration. Zip code is dictating destiny.

In order to determine if fatalism is associated with seatbelt use, 312 drivers were recruited from convenience stores located within 12 randomly generated zip-code areas along the Texas-Mexico border. The seatbelt use of drivers was recorded unobtrusively; self-reported seatbelt use and belief in destiny (fatalism) were subsequently obtained by interview. The majority of respondents rejected a fatalistic orientation, although Hispanic drivers were significantly less likely to do so. Fatalism was not associated with observed seatbelt use. Our results suggest that ethnic differences in seatbelt use are not due to ethnic differences in fatalism. These findings have implications for developing health interventions in Hispanic and non-Hispanic communities. 041b061a72


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