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Diablo 2 Single Player Bot

also, unlike the biggest competitor, call of duty, battlefield 2042 will be a multiplayer-only experience. while this might be a disappointment for some fans, it makes a lot of sense for a company like ea. no single-player campaign means you can reach a much larger audience at a much faster pace. even if this is the case, it is still a bit disheartening to consider that players will no longer be able to learn these lessons through their own experience. they'll have to go to a bot for that.

diablo 2 single player bot

when a bot begins its training, it is given a set of objectives that it must accomplish. it might be to move in a straight line for 10 steps, or to jump over a wall for 10 steps. it might be to attack another player for 10 steps, or to not attack for 10 steps. it might be to shoot someone for 10 steps, or to dodge for 10 steps. the objectives are generated based on the game rules, so they might be based on player damage, healing, or damage avoidance. the objectives are generated randomly, with some rules about the reward value and its randomness.

i think that it's a total different experience, and that's the point: it's so different than other games that i was thinking that the game would be boring for me. it's been a while since i played diablo 2, and i've been introduced to world of warcraft (or wow, for short) and the free-to-play shooter overwatch. it's very interesting, and it does not look to be the wow-style.

but about the class, the class of the game is.. very interesting, is it not? it's not the diablo 1 or 2 class, but it's much more of a warrior/monk/etc. at first but after a few levels you will find a new class like the wizard or necromancer. and you will have to switch classes often if you want to see all the weapons and even more the spells. i think that this change will be a good one, if you just had a bad experience with the class in diablo 1 or 2, but if you were really in love with diablo 1 or 2, this is not going to help.


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